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Dr. Rafii - An Otolaryngologist Who Specializes in Vocal Cord Nodule Treatments

Voice and swallowing disorders can be caused by many different factors, such as vocal cord nodules, acid reflux, allergies, or even psychological stress. Many of these disorders are treatable with the help of an otolaryngologist like Dr. Benjamin Rafii.

A voice specialist is a doctor who specializes in vocal cord nodules, which are small bumps on your vocal cords that are uncomfortable and can sometimes impair your voice quality or range of motion. The cause of vocal cord nodules isn’t totally understood, but it’s thought that speaking too frequently or using improper techniques can lead to their development. Speak with a doctor about treatments to reduce inflammation and help improve your symptoms your voice specialist may recommend anti-inflammatory medications, rest, vocal therapy, or surgery as appropriate for you.

Some people develop multiple nodules at once; if you experience pain while singing, swallowing, or breathing while one nodule is present, contact a doctor immediately as you could have another inflammatory disorder such as laryngitis. If left untreated, vocal cord nodules can become chronic conditions. Your doctor will be able to evaluate whether or not surgical intervention is necessary and discuss what treatment options are available. With early detection and proper care, you should be able to manage your vocal problems effectively so that they don’t impact your ability to speak comfortably and clearly. Contact Dr. I Rafii today if you have any questions about vocal cord nodule treatments! He's located in Lubbock, TX.

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  • Jun 22 2022
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