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Nominee Services

Nominee services are typically provided by an intermediary to conceal the beneficial owner's business. Nominee services relate to nominee shareholders and nominee directors. As a rule, the nominee service should also include a PO box service (office address for correspondence purposes). Nominee services are suitable for large corporate structures for tax planning purposes and often involve international elements. For example, the beneficial owner is located in a different country than the company itself.

Nominee shareholder services are normally performed on the basis of a declaration of trust whereby the nominee declares that they hold shares on behalf of someone else and have no authority to make decisions in the company, vote at a shareholders meeting or receive dividends, unless: the customer has expressly instructed it. The nominee has no rights to sell shares unless requested by the client. However, the Client and the Agent may agree on specific tasks for the Agent to perform. Such duties are often delegated to lawyers and attorneys who are professionals in the field and can protect the interests of the client.

Nominated director, also called 'shadow director', who normally only appears for official records, while the company is in effect ruled by the client by power of attorney. Based on the authorization, the customer can open a bank account and assume full management and control of the company.

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  • May 26 2022
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