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Currently, many organizations are moving from their current email client/server to Office 365. Office 365 migration is not an easy process if you are going to do it manually. Manual methods are a complex plan and require technical expertise. Luckily, several professional third-party tools are available online for Office 365 migration, and Shoviv Office 365 Migration Tool is one of the top solutions for this.

Shoviv's Office 365 Migration tool

Shoviv provides the most reliable Office 365 migration tool that helps you migrate mailboxes from an Exchange server to Office 365 hassle-free. It also allows exporting source mailboxes into Outlook PST, Live Exchange Server, and Office 365. Shoviv's Office 365 migration tool keeps a simple GUI that creates the Office 365 migration smooth for all users.


  • It gives quick migration of private and public Exchange databases.

  • An advanced incremental export/backup feature to resume from a previously interrupted process.

  • There is both automatic and manual mapping ability to map source and destination folders.

  • This tool has a filter option based on message class and item date.

  • An evaluation version of this Office 365 migration tool is also available. It enables processing the initial 50 items of each folder.

For more details, visit:- Office 365 Migration

  • max beckham
  • Sep 13 2021
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  • Robert bj commented
    28 Dec, 2021 01:09pm

    Want to perform quick Office 365 migration on a budget?

    Office 365 migrations are quite risky and complex depending on what environment and how many mailboxes you have. If you have very few mailboxes, manual methods may be a way out. But for a large number of mailboxes this can backfire or even worse cause complete data loss.

    To prevent all such hardships, you need some sort of expert guidance or tool that can take care of this task for you. This is exactly why EdbMails Office 365 migration software has been designed. Our competent team can assist you perform quick migrations even with a tight budget. We have been assisting millions of users worldwide and know the exact struggles that users face everyday. One of the best features of EdbMails is that it is extremely affordable while providing all of the features of its more expensive competitors.

    Contact our 24/7 customer support and our team will guide you what migration process will suit you the best. You can even download the free demo version and try out all the features yourself.