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Migrating mailboxes from an existing Exchange server to a new Exchange server is a crucial phase of Exchange Server migration. It requires creating a new mailbox database on the Exchange mailbox server.

The path to a hassle-free Exchange to Exchange migration is arduous and usually requires inclusive planning to ensure a successful migration. Since Microsoft does not provide a native method for Exchange Server migration, users have to seek a professional third-party Exchange to Exchange migration tool.

There are many on the web, but not everyone is a master. One that is recommended by many Microsoft MVPs and Data migration engineers is the Shoviv Exchange Migration tool.

Shoviv Exchange Migration tool:

It is a picture-perfect Exchange to Exchange migration tool. The Exchange migration tool allows migrating multiple source mailboxes in quick time. This tool is simple to use and provides the best features to conduct Exchange server migration.

  • It enables adding and migrating several source mailboxes at once.

  • Users can also migrate added mailboxes or Exchange mailboxes to Live Exchange Server mailboxes (on-premises).

  • It allows both automatic and manual mapping of the source mailbox to the destination mailbox.

  • The filter option is available on the message class and item date range basis.

  • A free trial version is also available that enables you to process the first 50 items per folder.

For more details, visit:- office 365 migration tool

  • max beckham
  • Sep 6 2021
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  • Robert bj commented
    28 Dec, 2021 01:57pm

    If you are struggling to migrate Exchange 2010 mailboxes to 2019, then I would recommend you to use EdbMails. With this tool you can directly migrate from Exchange 2010 to 2019 without any intermediate hops or migration stages. EdbMails is also very secure in that it maintains a complete one to one consistency and integrity of data. There is no data loss or downtime with this utility. Some of the other awesome features of this tool are that it is cost-effective, offers a free live personalized demo and comes with free lifetime software upgrades. You can save plenty of time and effort when you use this software for performing Exchange migrations.