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Freight Claims: Do They Really Reduce the Damage Rate?

One of the most frustrating things shippers face is receiving damaged goods from the transportation process. Now your next task is to file freight claims for the damaged goods. Whether your goods get damaged due to negligence, mistake, or other reasons, a freight claim helps the shippers overcome the losses that occurred due to the damage. However, there’s more to understand about the freight claims from a logistics company in Dubai. Here we will help you with how freight claims are going to cost you. Let’s help you know about them in detail:

Time and Labor

Have you thought about how much time and energy you have to spend filing for a freight claim? When you partner with a Logistics company in Dubai for your transportation process, you need to have all the receipts that you can later use in case of any freight claims. First, you need to damage all the damaged goods from the entire package. Now you have to pack all of them again for the carrier to process the investigation process. Now check for the repairs and replacements policy for all the damaged goods. The last task is to deal with your customers waiting for their orders.

Negative PR

One of the most significant losses you have to face while dealing with damaged goods is to disappoint your customers. Be it the logistics industry or any industry, and your customers can go to any extent to show their disappointment for their services from a business. If your customer/client receives a damaged product, they can quickly put a negative review for your services. Since your customers choose you for their needs, they won’t blame the carrier for the damage instead of the owner. No matter how long you have been serving them, one mistake can ruin your entire image in their eyes.

Storage Cost and Disposal

When you deal with a logistics company in Dubai for your shipping needs and receive damaged goods, the next task is storing and disposing of the damaged goods. Since selling damaged goods can also backfire, you need to find a way to dispose of the goods. Disposing of many goods is one of the biggest challenges for a company, especially when they are made of hazardous material. Also, in case of storing, you need to buy some extra space in a warehouse till you get a plan to get rid of them. All this will only cost you more stress and costs.

How to save you from the damages?

The costs of filing a freight claim are endless. Instead of dealing with freight claims, you can better focus on the business opportunities to expand your business scale. The only way to save yourself from this financial burden is to better understand your transportation process by partnering with the top logistics company in Dubai like SLR Shipping. They will help guide you throughout the process and ensure the better safety of your goods.

  • SLR Shipping Services LLC
  • Mar 29 2022
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