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What is ISO 22000 Certification? How does it help business?

ISO 22000 Certification in SRI LANKA is an internationally recognized food safety management system that can be applied for any food chain. ISO 22000 allows an organization to show their customer that they have food safety management in place. This provides customer confidence to products. This certification is applied to any company within the food chain regardless of size, from feed producer, primary food manufacturer, transport and storage operators, and food outlets. This provides consumers confidence in the products. This is more important to them as customers demand safe food and also food processors require that food products obtained from their supplier to be safe.

Benefits of ISO 22000 Certificate:

ISO 22000 is beneficial for the food business in many times. Companies develop their food products with the view to these views and guidelines which ensure the quality of the product.

1.ISO 22000 can help you to introduce internationally recognized processes to your organization. This certificate helps you to give shareholders and suppliers confidence in your control and enable you put these control in place across your supply chain.

2.Introduce transparency , accountability and responsibility. ISO 22000 requires the food safety system requirements of FSSC 22000 and is used along with requirements for prerequisite program for the appropriate industry sectors.

3. Improve the confidence of consumer, shareholder and supplier in the safety of your food and ability to reduce risk.

4.Reassure your management team that the company has robust and effective food safety procedures across the supply chain.

5.minimizing food risk leads to better health and safety outcome of consumer, other user, staff and others may come into contact with food.

6. ISO 22000 links to various other international standards and guidelines and can help companies meet the requirements of these systems as well.

Who are we in the market?

Certvalue is one of the internationally established certification consultant bodies which provide ISO 22000 Registration in Singapore Our International presence helps us to gain the clients the advantage of having international expertise as well as real depth knowledge. Certvalue established in 2016 with 6 years of experience as a professionally strong and recognized certification body. Our presence is in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Australia countries, we have satisfied more than 1000 clients. Certvalue with its 4 plus years of expertise in ISO Certification has an experience in issuing all stratagems as per International Quality Certification Standards. The proper management for keeping your data safe is your job. ISO 22000 proves the confidential data in your organization is safe and secure. The ISO 22000 certification by Certvalue is the systematic approach to keep secure the sensitive information of the organization. Apply ISO from our site: to increase the expectation of your business just as an acknowledgment to the around the world. You can likewise call at 77601 73623 and send your inquiry on Email: Our specialists are accessible here to direct you in the most ideal manner.

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  • Mar 22 2022
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