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How to Choose the Best Office Plants?

Plants have the ability to make your workspace look more lively, tranquil, and engaging. But if you don't have a green thumb in gardening, your plant can suffer significantly. You must look for the perfect low-maintenance plants for office. Here's what you need to know before choosing the best plants for your workspace:

Sunny Window

If your work desk is located near a bright sunny window that receives ample light, you need to be very careful while choosing low-maintenance plants for the office. You need to select a plant that can easily face a hot and dry environment. Succulents like cacti, jade plants, Aloe Vera, etc., are the perfect option for a bright sunny workspace.

Medium sunlight areas

In a workspace where you get a balanced amount of sunlight, taking care of plants becomes more effortless. You don't have to worry about them before going on an extended vacation as it doesn't require much-needed care. If your workstation receives bright indirect sunlight, then you are fortunate. There are many low-maintenance plants for office that you get for your spaces with medium-light, such as snake plants, Monstera plants, philodendrons, and many more.

Dark corner

The dark corners of your office are where you need the plants more. However, it is the deadliest place for your sensitive plants. As we all know, plants need natural air and sunlight to live, and you need to place them in a space they receive them the most. But what will you do if your workspace lacks both? Well, some plants can easily bear the dark or low light conditions. There are many low-maintenance plants for offices such as snake plants, ferns, palms, etc. You can choose the ones best for your needs.

Water requirements

The standard water requirement is another essential point you need to consider before choosing the right low-maintenance plant for the office. If the plants you choose require water every day, then there are chances that you may kill the plant. It is best to choose an indoor plant that can easily survive without water for days, even when forgotten. With a large variety available at Leaf Baba, you can quickly get the plant you like for your office needs.

  • leaf Baba
  • Mar 22 2022
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