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What is the importance of Halal certification ?

HALAL Certification in Qatar states that the food products are permissible for the followers of Islam.The food items are produced as per the islamic dietary laws.It is a document of proof to the consumers that the food items contain ingredients that are permissible.The halal (permissible) practices in Quran are The animal must slaughtered with a sharp knife with a cut to the jugular vein or windpipe.It has to be thoroughly bled. The animal should be healthy and alive during the time of slaughter and it should not be stunned or unconscious.Verses from Quran must be recited at the time of slaughter.Halal certification is applicable for packed food items ,cosmetics ,meat products and pharmaceutical products.

It gives the necessary information about the food items to the consumer and aids the consumer to make decisions before purchasing.Many consumers prefer to buy products that contain halal marks.Halal food products do not contain alcohol,pork,blood.Halal certification can magnify the revenue of the business.It also increases the business of the company as many suppliers want halal certified products only.HALAL Certification in iraq aids the business to have an upper hand over the competitors.It also enables the company to get more orders and business deals than the companies which are not halal accredited.Halal certification enhances the trust of the consumers and it can be an added advantage to retain the customer.Customer retention helps to gain more business and the business grows through exponentially if the customers are satisfied.Halal certified products can be easily exported to the middle east countries , It gives access to millions of new customers.Halal certified products helps to comply with statutory rules and regulations.Halal certification aids to boost the image of the company.Marketing of the halal certified products can be easy.It increases the hygiene and quality of the food produced.Halal certification takes the food products to the global level.

The demand for halal products is increasing every year and this is also beneficial for economic development.Many consumers want assurance about the food items and it can be beneficial for informing about the purity of the product.Halal mark increases the confidence of the customer in the food ,cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.It can be applicable to cosmetics because many perfumes contain alcohol and animal fats.Halal certification gives documented proof that the cosmetics contain permissible ingredients.

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  • Jan 13 2022
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