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Printing Custom Maps: Print-on-demand Wordpress Plugin

Getting designed a custom map WordPress plugin can be a dream for many travelers and businesses who rely on precise map details. If you own a similar business and want to expand your business model through online channels effectively, you can contact The Brihaspati Infotech, our wordpress experts have recently developed a similar plugin that helps in map print on WordPress based websites. This custom-designed WordPress Interactive Map Plugin ticks all the right boxes by allowing you to control the customizations you provide to your audience and keep a track of all the customizations done at the user end. This plugin is responsive and touchscreen optimized so that users can enjoy a fully functional, interactive experience on mobile, tablets, and even from a touchscreen kiosk. Features such as zoom and pan, minimap, and tooltip add to this unique map plugin's optimal and intuitive user experience.

  • Hitesh Chauhan
  • Jul 20 2021
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