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Hip Replacement Surgery | Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India

Damaged hip inflicts severe ailment and makes regular mobility -walking, sitting, sleeping, climbing stairs, etc.- difficult for the patients. Over time without proper treatment, the situation worsens and can lead to permanent deformity in some cases. Patients with hip joint issues due to arthritis experience long and excruciating pain in the area in combination with swelling, redness, and other associated problems. Medication (topical and drugs) can relieve the pain for a short time, however, cartilage tear, fracture, severe irreversible dislocation, etc. require a more adequate treatment process. Hip replacement surgery improves hip joint condition and helps restore its normal movement in such conditions.

With years of experience in the field of Medical tourism, Medinirvana has been providing the best guidance to their patients. To gather more knowledge about the best hip replacement surgeon in India, you can contact the experts of Medinirvana.

What is total hip replacement surgery?

While undergoing a total hip replacement surgery, an operation is done to remove the arthritic ball of the femur or the upper thigh bone or damaged cartilage from the hip socket. In hip replacement surgery, the socket is replaced with a plastic liner. The plastic liner is usually fixed inside a metal shell. This allows for smooth functioning of joints that do not hurt the patient post the operation. The average hip replacement surgery cost in India is approximately INR 3 lakhs to INR 3.50 lakhs. The prices may, however, vary from city to city.

How long does the hip replacement last?

It is generally accepted that a hip replacement will last more than ten to fifteen years. However, there is no such guarantee to such claims, and out of all the surgeries, 5-10% of the hip replacement might not even last that long. For them, a second hip replacement may be necessary.

If you are undergoing hip replacement, you can connect with Medinirvana; they will provide the best assistance and offer the best hip replacement surgery cost in India.

India, with time, has emerged as a pioneer in the field of medical tourism. When it comes to hip replacement surgeries, the patients are provided with the best and the latest care facility. Thus, it is needless to say that the surgeries related to hip replacement in India have gained tremendous popularity and have achieved a success rate of 99%.

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  • Oct 14 2021
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