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Why is testing Necessary?

Human errors can lead to the development of a error and/or inability during any point of the software development cycle. The consequences are classified as either trivial or catastrophic, based on the impact that results from the error. The need for strict testing and the associated documentation throughout the development process is due to the following reasons:

  • To identify defects

  • to reduce the risk of flaws within the system or component

  • Enhance Quality of System

There could also be an obligation to conduct testing of software in order to satisfy specific industry standards or legal requirements. These rules and standards may specify which techniques we must employ in development of the product. For instance the aviation, motor and medical industries as well as the pharmaceutical and medical industries. All have guidelines for testing their products. The following points illustrate the importance of testing an easy and reliable software product: utilize software application:

  • The testing is vital as it uncovers bugs and defects prior to the release to the client that ensures the high-quality of the program.

  • This makes the software more stable and simple for users to utilize.

  • The rigorously tested software guarantees the reliability and performance of software operations.

Know more about Software Testing

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  • Oct 13 2021
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    15 Oct 04:48pm

    I am student of computer science and I am learning about software testing. I thing software testing is important part of the software development cycle. I read a research of review they write the important point about the software testing. If we skip software testing we cannot know that the software is running according to all the requirements or not.