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Space Frame Structure

Larger space frame structure rigidity and better integrity Now, in large-span and medium-span grid structures, most of the rods in each part are made of round steel pipes. The advantage of this section is that its radius of gyration is higher than other forms. The cross-section of W should be larger, so W can better resist the load on the cross-section of the member. Since each rod in the space frame building structure is connected with nodes, and each node is connected with multiple rods, and the rods and nodes are connected according to certain rules to form a whole, therefore, This makes the space frame structure system have greater rigidity and good overall performance. It is also resistant to the effects caused by uneven settlement. Even if some clever parts are damaged, the structure itself can automatically adjust the internal force of the remaining rods, so as to ensure the safe work of the structure.

  • Wendy Cai
  • Sep 21 2022
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