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How do I create a second Cash App account ?

Can you have 2 Cash App accounts? This is one of the most commonly asked questions people could be seen asking on the internet. This is quite a legitimate question because Cash App comes with so many benefits.

That’s the reason people want to create and use two Cash App accounts thinking of availing the double benefits. But, in the reality, the opposite is true.You can’t create and use two Cash App account with the same phone number and debit card.

The second Cash App account is only possible after the deactivation of the first Cash App account.

It means if your first Cash App account has been deleted or expired only then you can create your second Cash App account. In case your second Cash App account has also expired then you can create a third Cash App account. For more information, read this blog: Can you have more than one Cash App account?

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  • Alina John
  • Aug 17 2022
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