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Hidden Costs Of Data Backup: Tips To Avoid Them

Data backup is one endeavor that costs companies time, money, and effort. However, saving on costs is a noble goal every smart and responsible business should pursue. On the other hand, you must look for ways to avoid hidden and unnecessary data backup costs.

Therefore, it would be beneficial to look for ways to save you these costs and channel them to other useful projects. Here are seven tips to help you save money on your data backup efforts (see our official website for more on our Hyper-V backup solutions). Keep reading to learn and save more money on your data backup plans.


Virtualization is one way of reducing your data backup costs. Virtualizing your environment lets you reduce the number of hardware necessary for storing your data. For instance, you can virtualize your current server into two servers. Moreover, virtual machines save you the amount of storage space required to store more hardware. Don’t forget that more hardware requires additional power consumption to store your data.


Redundant data is a costly white elephant in the room. They occupy the space other critical data would have occupied. Also, they consume bandwidth when you keep transferring them to other sites. For instance, transferring two terabytes of redundant information will cost your business time and bandwidth. It also costs your staff time and energy to maintain unnecessary data. Thus, deduplication comes in handy and saves you all these avoidable costs.

Archive Static Data

You can also archive static data and save avoidable data backup costs for your business. For example, you can store old data you don’t frequently use tapes. Such information might take longer to retrieve than if you stored it on disks. However, tapes are cheaper in the long-term because, after all, they store your least frequently used data. Thus, the speed of retrieving that data is not a primary priority.


  • Eivra Ochidnal
  • Aug 16 2022
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