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What exactly is The Backrooms?

The frightening creepypasta of cursed dreams. This theory will keep you up at night and make you think about mazes differently.

Change of dimensions or Matrix failure? Some people think that the real world is a simulation and that we don't really exist, but the history of humanity is just a computer program.

You also think there are other dimensions, which cause what people call "time travels" or "alternate universes" where everything looks the same but has some differences from your real life. Have you ever heard of the Backrooms? You probably never want to be in that situation.


Backrooms started on a forum called 4chan, where a user posted a random photo of a room with yellowed walls, flickering LED lights, and many entrances and exits. Normal?

Someone very kind decided to explain what these rooms were really about: they were a maze that you wanted to get out of as soon as possible. The Backrooms may look like damp, moldy places, but in reality, they are dimensions where you could get lost by walking from room to room without finding the way out or see a scary creature in a hallway.

Various crepypastes have grown in the dimly lit backrooms, many hallways, and different rooms. People say there are at least 7 levels, but only 3 are known. If you end up in one of the first ones, you can get out if you ignore the noise and go into the right room.

The different floors have big hallways, long tunnels, or flooded rooms, but they all have one thing in common: you could be stuck there forever.

VIDEOGAMES AND DREAMS: This kind of sentence structure is common in games like "Resident Evil." Another rumor about Backrooms is that you might have dreams where you wake up in a room you don't know and try to run away, which could be a sign of something called sleep paralysis. Have you been to or dreamed of a similar place?

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  • batte eriy
  • Aug 10 2022
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