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An Innovative Training System, LLC D/B/A Dialysis4Career is a licensed and registered proprietary school in New York State. Due to an inexorable and substantial shortage of skillfully trained hemodialysis nurses and technicians Dialysis4Career, School of Hemodialysis has partnered with a medical education institution that specializes in medical device simulation programs.

There is an innovative new training system that is licensed and registered with the state of New York. This system is called Dialysis4Career, and it is a proprietary school that has partnered with a number of other schools. This system offers a number of advantages over traditional training methods. First, it is much more efficient. Second, it offers a more comprehensive curriculum. Third, it is more affordable. Fourth, it is more convenient. Fifth, it is more flexible. Sixth, it offers a better learning environment. Seventh, it provides better support for students. Eighth, it can be completed in as little as eight months or as long as two years. Ninth, it trains clinicians who have completed their bachelor's degree in the healthcare field or who are currently enrolled in a healthcare program. Tenth, this system ensures those people are competent to work on patient care dialysis technicians machines while they are working at any dialysis clinic facility in North America. Eleventh, this program teaches how to provide patient care techniques and skills through hands-on experience with the equipment used by hemodialysis nurses and technicians every day. Finally, this program is led by experienced instructors who have been educated at some of the best universities in the world. They know what it takes to get a job in this industry because they've done it themselves. It should come as no surprise then that we offer placement assistance and career guidance services! These services were created to help you find your dream job after you graduate from our program. With the shortage of skilled hemodialysis nurses and technicians across the country, there is never a shortage of jobs available. Let us show you how to get started! Enroll today and take advantage of our low tuition rates! We'll even waive your first term when you sign up for a full course load.

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  • Aug 6 2022
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