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Tobacco Products Regulation action on Smoking and Health

Tobacco Products – Regulation action on Smoking and Health

The Government of India has levied various regulations to minimise tobacco usage. The snuff brands in India are well aware of these rules and follow them stringently. Consumers have multiple questions regarding the subject. The first aspect is that it is a well-established fact that tobacco is harmful. It is even given in the packaging material to warn consumers. Though it might be a personal choice, it does have various side effects. A fair percentage of people start using tobacco products as a hobby or peer pressure. However, it becomes an addiction over the period.

They do not stop it even when they know it can cause harm to their health. Some of the known side effects of the disease include cancer, lung problems, heart disease, stroke, COPD and even diabetes. Most anti-tobacco campaigns depict people who suffer from cancer and other serious concerns. Every year, lakhs of people die from these conditions. A study shows that tobacco can contribute to 13% of deaths every year if left uncontrolled. People who use these products continue to utilise them as they believe that it relieves stress and helps them handle life. However, they are not concerned about the physical harm it induces. The Government has levied various regulations to reduce smoking.

Ban on Public Smoking

The Government has levied regulations regarding public smoking. In the yesteryears, people would buy tobacco products from the tea shop and use them there. There were provisions in the shop specifically for this purpose. However, the ban has stopped people from smoking in public places. This lowers the risk for non-smokers.

Ban on Certain tobacco products

Indian Snuff might not be that harmful to the users. Though it does contain nicotine, the content is monitored. However, this cannot be said for all tobacco products. Some products are very dangerous and can cause an immediate reaction. Therefore, the Government has banned the sales of these products. The snuff brands in India follow the regulations levied by the authorities.

Ban on Advertisements

Tobacco and Snuff brands in India cannot advertise their products. This means they will have to look for other means to market it. People buy products after they look at an interesting ad. The initiative will stop people from doing it.

Ban on Sales near schools

Tobacco and Indian Snuff products cannot be sold near educational institutions. This would prevent students from using the product. Since peer pressure is one of the common reasons for the usage, the authorities have taken this initiative. People cannot sell the products to minors.

These steps might not make an individual make a better choice. However, it prevents it to a certain extent. Without these regulations, there is a strong possibility that the number of smokers might increase. The Government has levied these regulations after careful consideration. For instance, the primary reason for a ban on public smoking is the SHS. This is the acronym for Second Hand Smoke. When a person uses tobacco products, the smoke stays in the air for a few minutes.

In addition to causing environmental pollution, it is also inhaled by others. This would increase the risk for non-smokers. These people have the chance of getting cancer even when they don’t smoke. The smoke contains carcinogens and other toxic materials that can harm humans. Studies show that this can cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in kids and cancer in adults. The same logic applies to Indian Snuff. The snuff brands in India insist that their consumers use the product in private places.

TSM Snuff Company, the leading snuff brand in India, talks about the various regulations levied by the Government to curb tobacco product usage. Click here.

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  • Aug 5 2022
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