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How to Perform a Hip Hinge Guide from Markow Training Systems

How to Perform a Hip Hinge Guide from Markow Training Systems

The hip hinge is essential to everyday life, whether you’re picking up your kids or moving boxes from the garage. When done properly, it develops flexibility in your hips and strengthens your lower back and abdominal muscles so you can pick up whatever you need with ease. Follow these steps to perform the hip hinge correctly and safely, no matter what your goals are.

A hip hinge is an essential movement for life and something we do all the time when picking up things from the ground. This guide from Markow Training Systems will show you how to perform the exercise correctly. They integrate mobility and strength with online classes, personalized coaching, and educational courses. Plus, their guide will help you feel prepared when the unexpected happens. It’s very easy to misalign your pelvis in this movement because it's very difficult to see your feet in front of you, says Kyle Woodbury of Markow Training Systems. Therefore, the best way to ensure that everything is aligned properly during a proper hip hinge is to use your own body as a tool. If you can't maintain a neutral spine while trying to reach your toes, then there's too much arch in your lower back or too much extension in your lumbar spine.

Once you've found the right position with good alignment, it's important to keep that same position throughout the entire move. Keep your back straight and slightly hollow (not rounded). Maintain strong tension through the hamstrings so they're contracted rather than relaxed or tense (the top position should look like someone sitting on a stool). Now extend down until you can feel pressure on the back of your calves near the heel. You should be able to see them flexing just slightly without any visible movement at all. Pause for a second before reversing direction by bringing yourself back up. Make sure not to bounce at the bottom, but also make sure not to take too long either because if you pause too long, it'll become more difficult to complete your next repetition due to muscular fatigue. Repeat 10 times. Remember that form is always more important than quantity; doing fewer reps but maintaining perfect form will be better for your muscles and joints in the long run! While hip hinging, try to make a bicycle seat with your butt touching your heels. Hold this position for 5 seconds and repeat 3 times for each leg. Lastly, try bending over at the waist without rounding out your low back (you may need some type of bench or chair).

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  • Aug 2 2022
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