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How to play Phoodle?

phoodle will test your culinary understanding. There are six opportunities for you to guess a five-letter word. When you make a guess, the color of the cells will change to reflect whether any of the letters you guessed are in the word and whether they are in the correct location.

If a letter is colored green, it signifies that it belongs within the word. If a letter is highlighted in yellow, it is a component of the search term but occurs in the wrong location. If the color of the letter turns to gray, it signifies that the letter is absent from the target term.

After guessing the word, you will be able to share your results, and the total number of guesses required to obtain the answer will be revealed. Do you believe that the solution can be found with relative ease? Unfortunately, things are not as simple as they may appear.

  • Valerie Holder
  • Jul 1 2022
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