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euro nymphing

One of my favorite ways to catch trout is through euro nymphing. The name might sound complicated, but all it means is fishing a weighted fly along with an indicator from your rod tip down toward your hand and then back up again. The key is that while you're letting line and leader sink, you are lifting your rod so that it doesn't get snagged in rocks and cover. Then, once your fly stops sinking, you let the line out some more until it starts sinking again (and thus moving down toward the fish).

You'll repeat that process over and over until you feel a strike or lose contact with the bottom. It's called euro nymphing because it was popularized by European fly fishers who were looking for a way to catch trout in rivers without spooking them. That's why they developed flies that looked like baitfish and also cast flies close to their bodies instead of casting far away as we do here in America.

For many years, euro nymphing wasn't very popular in America because there weren't any good rods designed specifically for it. But now that manufacturers have caught on, there are several great rods made just for euro nymphing. My favorite is probably the Winston BIIx series rods, which come in lengths ranging from 6'6 to 9'6. They have fast action and soft tips so you can lift your rod quickly and accurately without having to worry about hook pulls or losing control of your fly. I've used these rods since they first came out several years ago and love them.

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  • Jun 27 2022
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