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measuring employee happiness At workplace: From dissatisfaction to satisfaction.

measuring employee happiness At workplace : Work is often referred to as a ‘7-day-a-week’ occupation because of the nature of the work. Which implies that work always exists. But this might not be true. People feel satisfied with their work when they are able to control their time and tasks with

Transformation at workplace have four stages;

At the first stage- dissatisfaction, we have people who are broken, dissatisfied with something they are doing or a change they have made.

At the second- resentment- stage, they make decisions and changes in the hope of improving the situation.

At the third- remorse- stage, they recognize their mistakes and regret them.

And at the final stage- satisfaction- they are committed to improving their current situation and not changing back.

How to Create an Ideal Work Environment?

Work can be rewarding, satisfying, and provide a sense of fulfilment. Just about everyone will agree that the right work environment can improve productivity, engagement, and overall quality of life.

When employees and managers have the freedom to create and customize the most ideal work environment, it creates a sense of accomplishment that leads to great performance, which leads to higher profits. But this isn’t just a dream for creative, creative firms. By making a commitment to a true work-life balance, even non-creative companies can embrace a culture of freedom and fulfilment.

How to Enjoy Your Work Day?

One of the biggest stressors of the modern lifestyle is that we have too many things clamouring for our attention. Sometimes, it’s the people, the environment, and even the tasks that make the better. But before you convincingly make a case for why you are a perfect fit; you need to know how to make your day more enjoyable. If you feel tired and overwhelmed from your job, don’t forget you’re not alone! There are loads of different things you can do to make your day more tolerable, even while you work.

How to Become More Passionate For a job?

It is not easy to engage in a job that we don’t have passion for. There is no way to make it more enticing. Being passionate is a trait that a lot of different people talk about but few people actually do anything about it. It’s something personal, something you walk past everyday with just a quick unobtrusive glance. It’s a cliché, but it does apply to the workforce.

What matters at last is happiness. Whatever we are doing, we should do it from our heart. We can be productive only when we are happy. Transformation is a journey of converting dissatisfaction into satisfaction by engaging and making wholehearted efforts.

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  • Jun 23 2022
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